Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rebel Pilgrim Announces New Movie Starring Rebecca St. James


June 15, 2011

Rebel Pilgrim Productions Announces New Romantic Comedy

Rebel Pilgrim Productions is an independent film production company with offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Cincinnati, Ohio. The company announced today the production schedule for its fourth feature film in four years, a romantic comedy called A Strange Brand of Happy. Joe Boyd is the President of Rebel Pilgrim. “Slow and steady is our thing. We are building a filmmaking community in Cincinnati that can eventually compete with the big boys, but for now it’s all about doing the absolute best we can with what we have,” says Boyd.

The company aims to tell stories on film that also cause movie-goers to begin conversations about what Boyd calls, “the big questions of life.” Their latest project, Fenced Off, is slated to screen at film festivals later this year. Boyd says, “Fenced Off is an entertaining drama-slash-thriller about two men, one white and one black, who are both sure they are not prejudiced until the day they become neighbors. It’s about that little bit of racism still alive in the hearts of many of us who think we don’t struggle with it. Hopefully people will see it as a great story, but then leave the theater with something to talk about.”

The company’s next project aims to create another kind of conversation. A Strange Brand of Happy is a romantic comedy written and directed by Brad Wise, the writer/director of Fenced Off and Boyd’s creative partner. This movie stars Grammy-Award Winner Rebecca St. James as Joyce Heller, a single Christian life coach who falls for an agnostic client. “It’s a brilliantly funny script,” says Boyd. “But it also presses into issues of faith, hypocrisy and spiritual compatibility. Similarly to Fenced Off it shows that not everything is as simple as we want to make it. Relationships are complicated. Faith is complicated…and so is doubt.”

A Strange Brand of Happy is Rebel Pilgrim’s biggest project to date. It will shoot for four weeks in Cincinnati beginning August 15, 2011. Boyd says the movie has four studios interested in a theatrical release for 2012. “This movie is going to be bigger for us in many ways. It’s our biggest budget and longest shoot to date. We also anticipate it will be our first movie to have a significant run in theaters,” says Boyd.

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